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Support conversion of more than ten font formats
Extract font subset characters to generate simplified font
Extract two font subsets and merge them to generate fonts
Support dozens of font units conversion
Quick preview of native fonts
Extracting embedded fonts from PDF files
Quick generation of web page font and CSS style sheet
The designer must have the sharp tool of font, and the member font is authorized for commercial use
Delete redundant image data to reduce the occupied capacity
Color space conversion of RGB / CMYK images
Turn the picture into a picture shape with text
Upload the image and convert it into SVG vector image
Query RGB color value, color gradient, match color, color blind simulation
Query CMYK color value, color gradient, match color, color blind simulation
Fast generation of RGB color scheme
Quick preview, pick RGB color
Query Pantone color card information
Query Raul ral color card information
Fast calculation of printing cost of all kinds of printed materials
Fast calculation of the best scheme
Quick calculation of paper weight, order number, order price and unit price
Get the format and the size of the book corresponding to each parameter
Quickly calculate the book print and give improvement suggestions
List all the work to be done before printing
Quick generation of QR code, customizable Icon
Fast generation of code 39 barcode
Fast generation of code 93 barcode
Fast generation of code 128 barcode
Fast generation of EAN-13 bar code
Fast generation of UCC / EAN-128 (gs1-128) barcode
Fast generation of ISBN barcode
Fast generation of UPC-A barcode
Word to PDF document
Pdf to word document
Image to PDF document
Pdf to image document
Ppt to PDF document
Export images included in PDF
Add password protection to PDF documents
Remove password protection from PDF documents