LikeFont is a font brand belongs to FontKe.com that provides font identification, brand identification, font download, font search and identification community.With unique font identification algorithm and similarity algorithm, together with artificial intelligence technology, big data technology and search engine technology to improve the accuracy of font identification.LikeFont.com supports Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and all characters around the world based on Unicode 14.0.0.

LikeFont now owns several products on different platforms, including: LikeFont for Web, LikeFont for Mobile, LikeFont for Windows, LikeFont for macOS, LikeFont for Linux, LikeFont for Android, LikeFont for iOS and LikeFont for API. Among which, LikeFont for Windows and LikeFont for macOS is the first of its kind to support both local font identification and online font identification in the world.

For image uploading, there are methods of screen-shot, take-a-photo, upload-local(upload button, drag and release, Ctrl+V), URL and etc.LikeFont can support complicated pictures with "Inversion", "Threshold", "Hot pixel ", "Rotation", "Leaning", "Flip" and other pre-processing methods.

Through technological innovation, LikeFont supports an unattended auto identification process.After users upload a picture, they will automatically recognize the font in the picture and display the recognition result in the "Auto Identification" tab.If you choose the wrong text area and are not satisfied with the identification result, the OCR text recognition is not accurate, you can switch to the "Auto Stitching" or "Manual Stitching" tab.

In the character input of stitching text, provide "Han (Simplified variant)", "Han (Traditional variant)", "Han (Japanese variant)" conversion function, insert characters (support Unicode all visible characters).

"Auto Stitching" provides more intelligent stitching.The stitching characters are variegated, other parts are pasted, or the characters are incomplete.Please do not fill in the characters.If you are not satisfied with the results of intelligent stitching, you can use the "Manual Stitching" function below.

"Manual Stitching" automatically splits unconnected strokes or parts in a picture into multiple parts.At this point as long as the drag the picture, these parts into a complete character.The font also provides the option of splitting the character sequence function (including "Smart sorting", "left-right-up-down", "up-down-left-right", "right-left-up-down", "up-down-right-left", can be adapted to the "left-right", "right-left", "up-down" and other different bidirectional of the demolition needs.), as well as deleting parts, moving parts, and so on.

In the result page, the identified results are listed smartly to make sure you are able to download and buy font license on third-party website.

In the font preview function, you can customize the "preview text", Han Conversion, set the "font size" (optional "adaptive width"), "foreground color", "background color", "bold", "italic", "width ","height".And it provides font preview.The default text is what you input to identify and you change the text as you wish.Han (Hanzi or 汉字) also provide "Han (Simplified variant)", "Han (Traditional variant)", "Han (Japanese variant)" conversion function.Click the menu of "Preview text", you can choose preview text including 14 basic character string and 28 pangram.

The pre-installed basic character strings are Font Name, Latin Letters, Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Tone Letters, Symbols, Arabic Numerals, Arabic Alphabet, Greek Alphabet, Cyrillic Alphabet, Hiragana, Katakana, Hangul Numerals, Chinese Numerals.

The pre-installed pangrams are Bulgarian(Български), Icelandic(íslenska), Polish(Polski), Korean(한국어), Danish(Dansk), German(Deutsch), Russian(Русский), French(Français), Finnish(suomi), Gaelic(Gàidhlig), Dutch(Nederlands), Catalan(Català), Lithuanian(lietuvių kalba), Romanian(Română), Norwegian(Norsk), Portuguese(Português), Japanese(日本語), Swedish(Svenska), Serbian(Српски), Slovene(Slovenščina), Thai(ไทย), Spain(Español), Hebrew(עברית), Greek(Ελληνικά), Italian(Italiano), English, Simplified Chinese(简体中文), Traditional Chinese(繁體中文).A pangram (Greek: παν γράμμα, pan gramma, "every letter") or holoalphabetic sentence is a sentence using every letter of a given alphabet at least once.

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