"Popular Computer Weekly" in 2015 No.50: Quickly Identify the name of fonts in a picture

Popular Computer Weekly (China)We can come into contact with a lot of beautiful things every day, such as exquisite advertising, creative store signs, familiar signs...see the font is very beautiful, but because they do not know the font name and no way to find.At this time may wish to try LikeFont For Web.LikeFont is a service provided by to identify the font name, which supports all languages of the world, including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and this service is completely free.[Brower]

"Computer Fan" in 2016 No.3: Best of the best, Identify the fonts in a picture

Computer Fan (China)If you see a picture of their own favorite fine fonts, but do not know what the font, then most people may ask the designer or ask questions online.But what if the next encounter with another font? As the saying goes, grant people to fish as a grant to fishing.With the help of specialized font recognition network services, self-help to solve the problem of font recognition in the figure.Below as an example, how to quickly identify the font in the picture.[Brower]