LikeFont V5.0.0 on November 11, 2020

Newly added: "Automatic recognition" (to achieve unattended automatic font recognition process, no The process of splitting, spelling, typing, etc.).

Newly added: "Automatic recognition" and "Automatic spelling" add multiple text area manual switching functions.

Newly added: Added "Dry Spot" preprocessing setting (clearing noise in the picture).

New: New "Brand Identification" channel.

New: Added "font download" channel and font details page, updated authorization method.

New: Added support for Unicode 14.0.0 blocks: 0870-089F (Arabic expansion-B), 11AB0-11ABF (Canadian aboriginal unified syllable text expansion-A), 12F90-12FFF (Cyprus -Minoan syllable text), 1CF00-1CFCF (Znamoni music notation), 1E290-1E2BF (Totto); the coding range of the modified block: 11700-1174F (Ahom), 18D00-18D7F (Xixia text added).

Optimization: Upgrade font recognition algorithm.

Optimization: Upgrade the font similarity rate algorithm.

Optimization: Upgrade the automatic spelling algorithm.

Optimization: The website is newly revised.

March 13, 2020 LikeFont V4.0.1

New: Added support for Unicode 13.0.0 blocks: 10E80-10EBF (Yazdi), 10FB0-10FDF (Hua Lazi model text), 11900-1195F ( Davis Akulu), 11FB0-11FBF (Supplement in Lisu script), 18B00-18CFF (Khitan small print), 18D00-18D8F (Supplement in Xixia script), 1FB00-1FBFF (Traditional calculation symbols), 30000-3134F (Chinese Japanese-Korean unified ideogram extension G).

LikeFont V4.0.0 on August 5, 2019

Optimized: Upgrade font recognition algorithm.

LikeFont V3.4.0 on March 12, 2019

Newly added: Added support for Unicode 12.0.0: 10FE0-10FFF (Ilinmi text), 119A0-119FF (Jicheng text), 11FC0-11FFF (Tamil text supplement), 13430-1343F (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic control symbols), 1B130-1B16F (small kana extension) ), 1E100-1E14F (Bergley Miao), 1E2C0-1E2FF (Wanque), 1ED00-1ED4F (Ottoman Cesia numbers), 1FA70-1FAFF (Symbols and Hieroglyphic Extension-A).

LikeFont V3.3.1 on July 4, 2018

Optimization: Upgrade the data structure and improve users Access speed.

LikeFont V3.3.0 on June 9, 2018

New: Added support for Unicode 11.0.0: 1C90-1CBF (Georgian extended), 10D00-10D3F (Rohingya), 10F00-10F2F (Old Sogdian), 10F30-10F6F (Sogdian), 11800-1184F (Dogra), 11D60-11DAF (Ganjalagoon German), 11EE0-11EFF (Makassar), 16E40-16E9F (Oberokewen), 1D2E0-1D2FF (Maya numerals), 1EC70-1ECBF (Indian Secian numerals) , 1FA00-1FA6F (chess symbol).

LikeFont V3.2.1 on June 2, 2018

Optimization: Turn the rotated picture around The dotted line is cleared.

LikeFont V3.2.0 on May 27, 2018

New: Add smart spelling Function to reduce the trouble of manual spelling.

Fixed: If only the number "0" is entered in the preview text, the preview image of the recognition result shows a bug with the default font name.

Fixed: The bug that the verification code cannot be displayed normally when commenting on the community post page.

LikeFont V3.1.0 on May 22, 2018

New: new magic mirror VIP (CorelDRAW plug-in) Font recognition API interface, Magic Mirror VIP V1.92.1n and above version integrates "screenshot to find words" function.

LikeFont V3.0.1 on July 13, 2017

New: protect user privacy, user You can set whether to post the identification post in the community at the place where the picture is uploaded and the user background.

Fixed: After setting the tilt, cropping will restore the tilt setting.

June 21, 2017 LikeFont V3.0.0

Optimization: Upgrade the font recognition algorithm.

Optimization: Optimize the font recognition process.

Optimization: Upgrade the similarity algorithm.

Optimization: Each value adjustment progress bar adds value fine-tuning function.

New: Added support for transparent and semi-transparent pictures.

New: Added recognition of text stretch (horizontal or vertical) in pictures.

New: Added recognition of PE/NE format fon fonts.

New: Added recognition of bitmap fonts of different font sizes attached to vector fonts.

New: Added support for Unicode 14.0.0: 0860-086F (Syrian Supplement), 11A00-11A4F (Zanabazar), 11A50-11AAF (Soyongbo), 11D00-11D5F (Gondi), 1B100-1B12F (Kana Extension-A), 1B170-1B2FF (Female Script), 2CEB0-2EBEF (CJK Unified Ideograph Extension F).

Newly added: Newly added word splitting order setting function, including: intelligent sorting, left and right up and down, up and down left and right, right left up and down, up and down right and left.

New: Added image preprocessing functions, including: image rotation, image cropping, image flip, and reset.

New: Added part management function for manual spelling: including: deleting parts and moving parts.

Newly added: Newly added the character input function of manual spelling, including: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Japanese conversion, inserting characters (support all visible characters in Unicode 14.0.0).

New: Added font preview function for recognition results: including: conversion between simplified Chinese and traditional Japanese, bold, italic, font width, font height, filtering ("font source", "font authorization").

New: Added new community "recognition status" and "date" filter items.Logged in users can choose "View only my posts".

LikeFont V2.3.4 on April 10th, 2017

New: New community management Member audit function.

Newly added: Added the function of preventing hotlinking of pictures.The pictures with hotlinking are displayed as default pictures.

LikeFont V2.3.3 on March 31, 2017

Fix: Homepage recognition result page "font size "Cannot be dragged, "Font Size" on the recognition result page of "Help Ta Recognition" can be dragged without changing the font size.

Optimization: Drag to the manual spelling area on the homepage, "Help Ta Recognition" page, and the "Original Image" window appears.

Newly added: Add a hand cursor for manual spelling, and add a tracing text prompt of "Draggable picture to form a complete character".

LikeFont V2.3.2 on March 30, 2017

Newly added: New user access basis The browser environment automatically switches between "Simplified Chinese", "Traditional Chinese", "Japanese" and "English" and other language versions to prompt a message.

New: Added page Gzip compression and transmission function.

Optimization: It is forbidden to automatically switch language versions when spiders crawl the page.

LikeFont V2.3.1 on March 29, 2017

New: Generate Sitemap specification data and Actively push data to Baidu and 360 search to facilitate search engines to crawl.

Fix: Solve the problem that the image path in the community is wrong after the LikeFontWindows version recognizes the font.

Fixed: The font-recognized pictures of early users could not display the pictures normally in the community.

LikeFont V2.3.0 on March 27, 2017

Newly added: New "Community" module.

New: Added "Help Center" section.

New: Added "Traditional Chinese" and "Japanese" language versions.

New: Added user access to automatically switch language versions such as "Simplified Chinese", "Traditional Chinese", "Japanese" and "English" according to the browser environment.

Fixed: Fix the problem that if you click the "Confirm" button without entering the web site URL, the preview image shows the prompt "Loading picture...".

Fixed: Fixed the issue that some browsers could not display the font preview effect in real time in the custom preview characters on the recognition result page.

Fix: Fix the problem that some browsers cannot load user login information.

LikeFont V2.2.1 on March 10, 2017

Fix: LikeFontAPI interface adjustment, resulting in " The "LikeFont for Windows" client cannot recognize online fonts.

LikeFont V2.2.0 on March 1, 2017

New: User Center Added "My Tools-LikeFont" menu, which can save identification records after logging in.

New: Added user registration and login functions, this function will jump to the fontke network for registration or login.

Optimization: Optimize the website page structure and navigation layout.

LikeFont V2.1.2 on December 15, 2016

Newly added: "Font search" ”Function, this function will jump to for search.

LikeFont V2.1.1 on May 25, 2016

Fix: Fix the similarity value of individual fonts Incorrect question.

LikeFont V2.1.0 on May 18, 2016

Newly added: support for Unicode 9.0.0: 1C80-1C8F (Cyrillic Expansion-C), 11400-1147F (Newar), 11C00-11C6F (Baikushigi), 11C70-11CBF (Malchin), 16FE0-16FFF (Ideographic) Symbols and punctuation), 17000-187FF (Western Xia language), 18800-18AFF (West Xia language parts), 1E000-1E02F (Glagolian supplement), 1E900-1E95F (Adram language)

LikeFont V2.0.0 on April 23, 2016

Newly added: LikeFont independent official website is newly launched.

Newly added: Add drag upload and screenshot paste image upload methods.

Optimization: Reduce the identification steps and hide the "minimum similarity" setting.

Repair: Fix a problem that causes data errors in the recognition result.

Fix: Fix the problem that the color picker is invalid after resetting.

LikeFont V1.1.3 on April 10, 2016

Optimization: Modify the compared image to Original Picture.

LikeFont V1.1.2 on March 23, 2016

Fix: Fix some IE 8.0/9.0 And the user of the 360 ​​browser clicks the "local picture" button without response.

LikeFont V1.1.1 on March 1, 2016

Optimization: Improve recognition accuracy.

LikeFont V1.1.0 on January 1, 2016

Optimization: Upgrade recognition algorithm to improve recognition speed.

LikeFont V1.0.1 on December 15, 2015

Newly added: "Image URL "Upload remote pictures.

LikeFont V1.0.0 on November 11, 2015

New: support for inversion and threshold , Minimum similarity and other settings.

New: Support real-time preview of recognition result font.