LikeFont Privacy Protection Clause

Privacy is your important right.The provision of your personal information to us is based on trust in us and we believe that we will treat your personal information in a responsible manner.We believe that the information you provide can only be used to help us provide you with better services.Therefore, we have developed a personal information confidentiality system on LikeFont to protect your personal information.A summary of our personal information confidentiality system is as follows:

1.What kind of personal information do we collect?

Usually, you can visit our website or software and obtain information anonymously.Before we ask you to provide relevant information, we will explain the purpose of this information.Some of our sites require registration to join.Under normal circumstances, this type of registration only requires you to provide an email address and some basic information such as your job and position.Sometimes we will ask you to provide more information.We do this to enable us to better understand your needs in order to provide you with effective services.The information collected on our site includes names, addresses and phone numbers.You have the right to decide not to accept any information from us at any time.

2.Protect your privacy

We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy.Whenever you provide us with sensitive information, we will take reasonable steps to protect your sensitive information, and we will also take reasonable security measures to protect stored personal information.Unless in accordance with the laws or mandatory regulations of the government, we will not provide any of your personal information to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) without your permission.However, if you ask us to provide specific customer support services or deliver some items to you, we need to provide your name and address to a third party such as a transportation company.Our website will provide links to third party websites.Since we cannot control these websites, we recommend that you read the personal information confidentiality system of these third-party websites.

3.Privacy Principle

Since your privacy is very important to us, LikeFont, who announced this privacy statement, will manage it in accordance with the following five principles Information that involves privacy.

Principle 1

Whenever LikeFont needs to identify you or contact you, it will explicitly ask for the required information, that is, personal information.Generally speaking, when you register on the website, request special services, or participate in a prize contest, you will be asked for this information.If possible, LikeFont will use some methods to confirm the correctness and timeliness of your personal information.

Principle 2

LikeFont and its necessary service partners use your personal data to operate the website and services, and will notify you of various new features and services, as well as LikeFont and its Various products of affiliated companies.LikeFont will also carefully select products or services from other companies to send to you, usually about the services of the site itself, but not necessary for the operation (secondary use)

Principle 3

If LikeFont wants to use personal information for secondary purposes, LikeFont will provide you with instructions on how to refuse this service.You can terminate the sending of these letters in accordance with the instructions on the information or promotional letters sent to you by LikeFont.

Principle 4

LikeFont may be required by law to disclose personal information, or because it is believed in good faith that such an approach is necessary for the following items:

( 1) Comply with legal announcements or comply with legal procedures applicable to LikeFont points;

(2) Protect the rights or property of LikeFont users;

(3) In an emergency, To protect the personal or public safety of LikeFont and its users.

Principle 5

At any time, if you think that LikeFont has not complied with these principles, please use email to notify us, we will make every effort, please be reasonable and appropriate Improve this problem immediately within the scope.

4.Uses of Cookies

LikeFont sometimes uses Cookies so that we can know which websites are popular, so that you can get better service when you visit our website.Cookies do not track personal information.When you register our website program, LikeFont will also use cookies.In this case, useful information will be stored so that our website can identify you when you visit our website again.Cookies from LikeFont can only be read by LikeFont.If your browser is set to reject cookies, you can still visit most of our websites.

5.How to update the personal information you have provided to LikeFont

If your phone number or E-mail changes, you can notify LikeFont according to the contact information published in LikeFont, and Help us maintain the accuracy of your information.You can also update your personal information yourself by logging in (the personal information column of the LikeFont user center page).

We are committed to protecting your personal information and do our best to ensure the security of this information.Due to the rapid development of online technology, we will update our information confidentiality system at any time.All revisions will be announced on this site.

Last update: November 11, 2020