LikeFont macOS Client
Out of the box font management tool
Version: 2.0.0 Size: 76.1 MB (dmg)、76.2 MB (zip) Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese OS: macOS 10.11+ Update: 2021-05-12
Rich upload mode of pictures
Screenshot upload, drag upload, Ctrl + V paste upload. Upload dialog box, picture website and other image upload methods are easy to choose, and the new experience is switched randomly.
Pictures supporting complex composition
It provides the functions of inverse, threshold, dry spot, rotation, tilt, and flip to preprocess the picture, and can support the complex picture composition perfectly.
Support global languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English

As long as the computer can support the text, we will be given to identify. You can enter Unicode global language, symbol, or icon at will by inserting character.

The function of simple and complex day conversion provides the mutual conversion between Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese characters.