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How To Install Fonts in macOS/OS X/?

In macOS/OS X/and Other OS, There are three ways to install.ttf,.otf,.ttc,.dfont fonts:

A.Double click the file and click the "Install".

B.Open "Font" software under "Application" and choose the font you want to install.

C.Copy font file to "/Library/Fonts" and restart your computer.Early days, some software needs to copy the file to "/System/Library/Fonts".

Tip: Series of macOS/OS X/

Mac OS X series: Mac OS X 10.0(Cheetah), Mac OS X 10.1(Puma), Mac OS X 10.2(Jaguar), Mac OS X 10.3(Panther), Mac OS X 10.4(Tiger), Mac OS X 10.5(Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7(Lion)

OS X series: OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9(Mavericks), OS X 10.10(Yosemite), OS X 10.11(El Capitan)

macOS series: macOS 10.12(Sierra)