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What are the steps to identify fonts from images?

STEP 1: Visit the page of "LikeFont" at https://en.likefont.com/and click "Upload Image" button and upload your local image.If the picture is from the internet, you can input the URL and click "Get" button.

STEP 2: You should check if the image presenting rightly.If you find the parts of characters are white not black, you should click "Reverse" button to make it the other way around.If you see the color of whole picture is black, you could adjust it by drag the "Threshold" value bar to make sure the character shows normally.

STEP 3: After adjusting the image, you should stitch all the parts of characters into one.If disconnected parts within one character, it shall be apart.You can drag them to complete the character.Then you should input the right character in the box under that character.It should be split the Capital letters and small letters in English and the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

STEP 4: After checking you can click "Identify" button.LikeFont will identify the fonts fits in and represents all the fonts automatically.You can drag the original image to compare with the results and after you find the desired font, you can click the link of font to download the font file or purchase the commercial authorization.