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Original image: What is the font of "打到狗情侣"?

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  • 2018-02-14 00:50
Original image: What is the font of "打到狗情侣"?


36 fonts found in total, 12 fonts shown
Name Version License Source Similarity
叶立群几何切边体粗 Regular Version 1.00 March 21, 2017, initial release Personal Official 74.76% Download
叶立群几何切边体粗 Regular Preview Image
叶立群几何黑体 Regular Version 1.00 November 2, 2016, initial release Personal Official 73.96% Download
叶立群几何黑体 Regular Preview Image
Expand 5 fonts in the same family
KoreanGD14R Regular 1.64, OTF FontTong, Only MacOSX Unknown Official 55.81% Download
KoreanGD14R Regular Preview Image
文鼎圓立體_B Regular Version 1.00 Noncommercial Official 51.12% Download
文鼎圓立體_B Regular Preview Image
UntitledTTF Book Version 1.0 Unknown Official 51.03% Download
UntitledTTF Book Preview Image
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