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What are the tips for preprocessing before uploading the image?
The size of characters in the uploaded image should be bigger than 100px and make sure characters are not joined-up. The outline of text should be as clear as possible.
Why do I need to enter some characters to identify the font?
To improve identification accuracy and server efficiency, you need to enter the right characters in the box. If there are many characters in the image, you just need to enter characters that contain the critical features, one character is enough. If there are many types of font in the image, just enter the letter in the font you want to identify and ignore others.
How to combine the text parts below the "Text setting"?
Because the world text is very complex, LikeFont may also make mistakes, so it will need manual correction. If a Chinese character strokes or components are not connected, it will be split into multiple parts, in this case you just need to drag the picture to these components to form a complete character.
Why do some almost identical fonts sometimes appear in one search?
There are two reasons, the first one is that collects many versions of one type font and the difference among them is negligible, the second one is that the two font types have different names but look the same.

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